Suontaka Viking Sword


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Circa Mid 10th Century.
The original Suontaka sword was found in a woman''s grave in Finland. The grave dates from C 1100AD, however the sword form suggests a much earlier date of origin, possibly as early as mid 10th Century AD.


Our stunning version of this piece features a highly detailed knot work pommel, guard, grip band and inserts. All have been lavishly plated in rich copper. The tough 1065 high carbon steel blade has a full tang and is fully tempered, then peened over the pommel. The sword comes complete with a rich leather scabbard and matching copper fittings and sports a baldric for wearing this powerful piece.



Overall Length - 37''

Blade Length - 30-3/4'' long, 3/16'' thick

Weight - 1.4kg


Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts.


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