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Orders are accepted by "Norton Armouries Ltd" (referred to as ‘NA.’ hereafter) on the specific understanding that customers (referred to as the ‘Hirer’ hereafter) accept these terms and conditions by placing any "order to hire". This is done using the website, or can be emailed or telephoned through to NA.  The Hirer, although a representative of their organisation will be held personally responsible for the costumes while in their possession and during transit. NA also reserves the right to refuse to enter into any hire agreement.


A 'piece' is all or any article of armour, clothing or prop for a person or character in any show, play or form of entertainment including both personal use and for public appearances and will include any agreed accessories. All pieces remain in the ownership of NA.


Any injury; We accept no responsibility or liability for any injury, death or damage to a third party, persons or property caused by use of goods hired under this agreement. In the event of any matter being tested at law as a result of the Hirer’s failure to comply with any of these conditions, the Hirer agrees to pay the company’s costs in this matter. The Hirer must implement adequate health, and safety procedures.


Consultation fee; At NA we are more than happy to take enquiries via telephone and e-mail, but if a person to person visit to our site is requested then a fee of £25 will be charged. However if the total invoice exceeds £500 then this fee will be waived.


Insurance is the Hirer’s responsibility. The Hirer is responsible for the pieces hired and will indemnify NA for all any loss or damage by or wilful damage to them throughout the hire period. The Hirer is therefore advised to obtain suitable insurance to cover the full replacement value of the hired items.  NA reserves the right to request proof of insurance.  NA will advise as to the full replacement value, if required. The Hirer shall pay to the owner all expenses, including legal costs, on a full indemnity basis incurred by the owner in ascertaining the whereabouts of the goods or taking possession of them by breach of any of these conditions by the hirer.

The Hirer will ensure that NA pieces are insured with the appropriate level of cover and with a company who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Hirers must ensure that their policy covers costume rental.


Hire period is the agreed length of time, including transportation that the Hirer is in possession of the items. At the time of booking, dates and times for delivery and returns are agreed. Pieces ordered and not used are subject to a hire charge.


Procedures; The Hirer must put in place procedures to ensure that pieces are well maintained, well cared for and treated with respect. Damage caused through any misuse (including personal hygiene issues) may be charged at the full replacement value. In a dispute with regards to damage, the decision as to the total replacement value or recompense remains with NA and will be final. Pieces that are damaged or not returned will need to be replaced at the full cost of the item as per the NA web site prices.  In the instance that the armour is not listed on the web site then the full retail value will be charged for.  The goods shall remain the absolute property of the owner and no interest in the goods shall accrue to the Hirer. Telephone enquiries do not constitute orders until confirmed in writing, but are used solely to check the availability of the armour, unless by special arrangement. The Hirer shall keep pieces in his possession and control and shall notify the owner of any change in his address and upon request by the owner promptly notify the where about of the goods. The owner may, by notice in writing, send to the Hirer by pre-paid post to his last known address determine the hiring, whereupon the Hirer shall no longer be in possession of the goods with the owner's consent and, thereafter, the owner may without notice re-possess the goods and for that purpose, may without previous notice enter upon any premises in which the goods are believed to be situated.


Eating drinking and smoking in pieces supplied by NA is strictly prohibited. Water is the only exception. This does not include on-stage requirements. Please be aware that any damage caused in this way may still be charged at the full replacement value.  Customers must wear underwear or undergarments whilst wearing pieces supplied by NA. Pieces must be stored appropriately. The Hirer must not attach sticky labels or badges to any pieces without written consent from NA. The Hirer must not adapt the pieces in any way or form, unless written consent is provided by NA detailing what changes are permitted. 


Fit of Norton Armouries pieces; Whilst every endeavour will be made to supply pieces to fit with the measurements provided, fit can only be guaranteed if a costume has been specifically fitted by NA. Please take care when measuring your artistes, remembering to consider the purpose for which the pieces are intended and for a comfortable fit. A refund will not been given for ill-fitting pieces, but in some cases extra items may be provided at no extra hire charge, however the hirer will need to pay the postage costs. This is done at the discretion of NA. Fittings can be arranged with NA and we highly recommend this service particularly for principal and character roles. Fittings will take place where specified by NA and a charge will be made for this service (including expenses) Styles and accessories may vary.


Alteby the Hirer are strictly prohibited. NA tries to make the pieces as multi sized as possible, whilst maintaining the correct look. Hirers must contact NA for advice before undertaking any alterations so they can be sanctioned in writing or it may be possible to provide an alternative item.  Should alterations have taken place without sanction and/or damage caused to the pieces, then NA reserve the right to charge the Hirer the full replacement value as per the procedures clause.


QUALITY; At NA we aim to provide high quality pieces. For this reason we have specific rules for our costumes to try and maintain them to look their best and to be able to be enjoyed by other hirers in the future. With your help and co-operation we can achieve this.


RETURNS; The Hirer must repack all articles securely and label them adequately as per the Returning Pieces Policy. Extreme care must be taken when packing pieces for return shipment. The majority of damage in any rental is the direct result of improper packing; therefore, the following should be noted:• When unpacking, take particular note of how pieces are packed, and repack them in the in same manner.  Pieces must never be packed when damp. Failure to observe this point will result in a charge to the hirer. Pieces must be returned to NA using a 'Proof of delivery' service.  If this service is not used and the pieces go missing then they will be charged for as per the procedures clause.


Carriage/courier; These fees are fully chargeable to the Hirer and will be itemised separately on the initial invoice. Estimates can and will be provided to the Hirer. If Hirer should wish to collect/deliver the hired items, then this must be arranged with NA in advance. A suitable vehicle will be needed to accommodate large boxes etc. Hired items will not be sent loose.  NA reserves the right not to load a vehicle if the vehicle is unsuitable to carry the pieces safely.


Responsibility will not be accepted by NA for any consequential loss or damage caused by errors, or by delay in delivery, or from any other cause. However NA always does their upmost to fulfil every order.


Force majeure Every effort will be made to carry out any contract, or order based on a quotation/estimate, but the due performance of its subject to variation or cancellation owing to an Act of God, weather, war, strikes or union action, lock outs, fire or any other cause beyond control. 


Advertising; Credit as Costumier must be given on all production literature using the following wording, “Armour by Norton Armouries Ltd “

Terms of use; Any person or persons using the Norton Armouries Website must not use any pictures for advertising or marketing purposes without written consent by Norton Armouries.  Any person or persons using the Norton Armouries website accepts the use of cookies.  All information gathered by the Norton Armouries website will be used solely for Norton Armouries business purposes and they will not be passed to a third party.  Norton Armouries reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time.
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