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How long do orders take to process?

All the items for rental are available from stock, as such we are able to despatch on the same day as the order if required, however for larger orders we do ask that more notice is given


Can I order a bespoke design?

Yes you can, but there is both a lead time and cost associated with this. Each request will require a different amount of work time and skill, please contact us for a quotation.  It is worth noting we may have something similar to your requirements in stock, please ask.


How durable is the armour?

The armour is extremely durable; polyurethane is a very tough material and will not tear, crack or dent easily.  The paint is applied by a unique method to Norton Armouries, and will not flake or peel off.  It will however scratch if forced against rough surfaces or edges..


Are there any sharp edges??

All edges are rounded and smoothed out during the production process to ensure that the armour can be used safely (especially when performing stunts).


What about sizes?

The polyurethane armour used is very flexible and fits most people, in the instance you have a need for it to fit a smaller or larger person please contact us with their size and we inform you of what we are able to offer


Does it look real?

The pieces are designed to look extremely realistic, until you physicaly touch or pick them up you cannot tell the difference.


Is it suitable for stage fighting, re-enactment or soft weapons?

The armour is designed to be used on film sets and on stage, yes it will stand up to fighting with metal weapons or with soft weapons; however it may scratch if hit hard which will incur additional charges. 


Is it suitable to perform stunts in?

All our armour is suitable to perform stunts in, many stunt personell have commented how good our armour is to perform in, as it is far less cumbersome than metal alternatives, and much more forgiving when moving around in or falling on.


What is the armour made from?

The armour is made from hybrid polyurethane. We use 2 different materials – a hard one for the armour, helms and shields, and a softer, more flexible one for the leather and cloth items. 


What happens if we do not have what you require?

In the unlikely event we do not have the pieces you require we will be able to offer you alternative pieces.  If the alternatives available are still not right then we may be able to produce the pieces you need.


What to do if the pieces supplied are damaged or missing?

Whilst every effort is made to ensure each and every order is sent out in pristine condition and 100% correct, mistakes can happen.  Please contact us when you receive the product and we will be able to sort any issues out you may have.


What happens if items are damaged or not returned?

If an Item is damaged or not returned to Norton Armouries then unfortunately we have no option but to charge for a replacement.  This is charged at the rate advertised on our website, in instances where the item is not advertised on the website then the full retail value will be charged for.


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